Which of the following list of eras in Texas history in the correct order?

a). Early Statehood,Spanish Texas,reconstruction,era of reform.
b). mexican texas,spanish texas,civil war texas,the republic of texas.
c). spanish texas, the republic of texas,reconstruction,era of reform.
d).World war 2, reconstruction,era of reform,the republic of texas.

This question is hard to me someone please help.

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  1. Well, A is out because Texas belonged to Spain before it became a state in the US.

    And D is out because WW2 occurred in the 1940s and Texas became a republic in 1836.

    Use www.google.com to figure out whether the correct chronological order is B or C.

  2. Ok.Thank you for your answer.

  3. Both answers is wrong it's C if you want to be correct just pick it it will be right becauseI chose D and it said it was wrong as well with A and B.

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  14. 1. C 2.C 3.D

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  29. B OR C

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  31. 1.) C
    3.) A
    4.) D
    5.) A
    6.) D
    7.) D
    8.) B
    9.) B
    10.) D
    11.) B
    12.) D
    13.) D
    14.) D
    15.) C
    16.) B
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    19.) writing
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  35. Ok for the Turning Points in Texas History quick check the answers are:

    1: How does sequencing events on a timeline help historians?

    C: It helps them understand relationships between events

    2: which of the following list of eras in Texas history is in the correct order?

    C: Spanish Texas, The Republic of Texas, Reconstruction, Era of Reform

    3: What information would you need to create an absolute chronology of the Texas Revolution?

    D: specific dates of battles
    These are NOT answers to a test! This is the Texas State History 7 A quick check for Connexus!


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    BTW Helping hand is correct I compared answers after I did my test.

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