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On page 111 of your reading material there is a problem that requires you to calculate the average speed for a daylong bus trip. The rest stops the driver made are included in the calculations because that is how the problem is defined. However, suppose the bus driver’s manager wants to know the average speed at which the driver was actually driving the bus that day while he was on the road. In this case, the rest stops wouldn’t count, because the bus wasn’t moving during those intervals. Recalculate the speed omitting the rest stops. What was the average speed while the bus was in motion? (Hint: if the total time does not come out to an even number of hours, convert the hours to a decimal value before solving the formula. For example, an hour and a quarter becomes 1.25 hours.). A bus driver runs around trip route between 3 cities it takes 5 hours for the 400 kilometer trip to the first city reloading the bus takes 30 minutes on the road again it takes 3 hours 15 minutes to get to the second city Which is 220 kilometers away after a one and a quarter hours supper he drives back to his home city which is 280 kilometers away and 4 hours what average speed did he have for the day's drive! Please help I am not grasping

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1 answer

  1. 69.6 km/h

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