1. Which of the following question should you ask to help determine the suitability of a source?

A Who is the source's audience
B Can i print this source
c Is this source also included in a book
D who disagreed with this source

Answer A

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  1. I agree.

  2. in expanded academic asap and other periodical databases, it's best to put your exact phrase in
    B.Quotation Marks
    C.Between Asterisks
    D.between dashes

    Answer A

  3. Parentheses is not right.


  4. My new Answer is B

  5. Yes. The phrase is put in quotation marks.

  6. which of the following questions should you ask to help determine suitability of a source?
    A. why was the source not in a database
    B. Are there any images
    C. How many pages does the source have
    D. Who authored the source

  7. Are their any images

  8. “Filters” in Expanded Academic ASAP?

  9. "Who authored the source?" is correct

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