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  1. Nebulae Quick Check

    Hi!! keep in mind answers vary from school. 1. What causes a supernova? A. force of gravity 2. How are nebulae and stars related? Select the three correct answers. A. Stars form from nebulae. A. Stars explode to form nebulae. A. Nebulae

  2. Kepler's Second Law Quick Check.

    Hello! if you want to check your answers here is a guide to compare your answers. Please keep in mind answers may vary from school. 1. Which does Kepler’s second law state about planetary motion? A. A line between the

  3. Kepler's First and Third Laws Quick Check

    Hi! please keep in my mind that answers vary for each school. and be careful not to fall people who use false answers 1. Which planet’s orbit was Kepler first studying when he began to develop his laws of orbital

  4. a. Suppose the following data was collected during a 35-mph crash test using a 50% male crash test dummy, which has a mass of about 78 kg. Complete the table:

    ● Calculate the average change in velocity ( ∆v ) and time (∆t ) for tests with and without

  5. A quadratic equation can be written in vertex form or standard form. Sometimes one form is more beneficial than the other. Identify which form would be more helpful if you needed to do each task listed below and explain why.

    A. factor the equation b. graph


  1. Physics

    I just noticed it didn't paste right. To make it clearer, the first column is under "Vehicle Number", the second is under "Driver Seatbelt Buckled (Y/N)", the third is under "Crash Test Delta-V ∆v (m/s)", and the fourth is under "Crash Pulse Time ∆t

  2. Science

    wait oops 3. also has another answer its A. spherical shape sorry about that guys

  3. science

    Jonathon's answer are all correct besides #1. I took the quick check and the answer was "a model in which Earth is at the center of the solar system" keep in mind this may vary for other schools this is what worked for mine. 1. Which describes the

  4. maths

    Am confusion

  5. Language Arts

    Can confirm BCC

  6. math ~dont know all but check some~ pls help!!!

    Miss Sue or Mrs. Sue is correct the only things that's incorrect for students that go to connections is number 9 which is b.

  7. Theories and issues in working with school-age chi

    __________ supervision means you keep your children in your view when they are in or near water. A. Active**** B. Quiet C. Loud D. Adult 1. A 2. A 3. A 4. True 5. False 100%

  8. Art- plzz help

    Thank you to the person with the long name.

  9. Social Studies

    Thank you Rose n. Rose n is correct.

  10. English

    Use tony's answer's for the first read and XD'S answer's for the Second Read.

  11. English

    XD Is correct. Connexus students use this for: Second Read, The Trouble With Televsion.

  12. English

    TONY is Correct for connexus students.