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  1. Write the fraction 8/9 as a percent. Round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary.

    My answer: 88.9%

  2. In the late 1900s, conflict broke out in Central American countries such as Guatemala and Nicaragua as people fought to overthrow ...

    A.colonial rulers B.dictatorships C.monarchies D.liberal governments

  3. The structures responsible for carrying information all over your body are?

    A. Muscles B. Alveoli C. Neurons (D). Blood Cells

  4. Write the decimal 0.063 as a percent.

    Answer choices: 0.63% 6.3% 63% 630% MY ANSWER: 6.3%

  5. Which of the following describes how the Spanish colonization affected American Indians in Middle America?

    A. Spanish colonizers introduced diseases to American Indians, resulting in a decrease in American Indian populations. B. Spanish colonizers adopted

  6. Which phrase best defines media?

    Answers: 1: Forms of communication 2: Quantitative 3: A photo of a white blood cell 4: A podcast discussing the civil war

  7. What happened to American Indians as a result of the Spanish conquest of the Americas?

    A. Those who converted to Christianity were given freedom. B. Many died from disease and mistreatment. C. Many migrated north to escape Spanish rule. D. They learned new

  8. Two spheres A and B of mass 6.0 kg and 7.3 kg respectively are separated by a distance of 0.65 m.

    (a) Calculate the magnitude of the gravitational force A exerts on B and B exerts on A.

  9. What is 6/12 in a equivalent fraction

  10. A square flower bed has an area of 104 square feet. To the nearest foot, what is the length of

    each side of the flower bed? 10 feet*** 11 feet 26 feet 52 feet

  11. A mass on the end of a spring is stretched a distance Xo from equilibrium and released. At what distance form equilbrium will it have (a) velocity equal to half its maximum velocity and (b) acceleratipon equal to half its maximum acceleration ?

    I understand

  12. In this excerpt from his “Report on the Destruction of the Indies,” the priest Bartolomé de Las Casas describes what happened to the American Indians on Hispaniola. Read the passage and then answer the question.

    “[T]hey assigned them [the American

  13. a skater holds her arms outstretched as she spins at 140 rpm. What is the speed of her hands if they are 125 cm apart?

  14. "Write equations for the half-reactions that occur at the anode and cathode for the electrolysis of the following aqueous solution: CuBr2(aq)"

    Possible oxidation reactions: 1. 2Br- -> Br2 + 2e- = -1.09 2. 2H2O -> O2 + 4H+ + 4e- = -1.23 Possible reduction

  15. In 1976 a research hospital bought half a gram of radium for cancer research. Assuming the hospital is still exists, how much of this radium will the hospital have in the year 6836 if the half-life of radium is 1620 years?

  16. A 900 kg car pushes a 1900 kg truck that has a dead battery. When the driver steps on the accelerator, the drive wheels of the car push against the ground with a force of 4800 N.

    (a) What is the magnitude of the force of the car on the truck? (b) What is

  17. How does Buck’s behavior support the theme “patience finds its own reward”?

    A. Buck waits patiently for the men to stop yelling at the team. B. Buck waits patiently until the men agree to give the team a rest. C. Buck waits patiently until the men

  18. Which fraction is equivalent to 64/100?

    A.16/25 B.7/10 C.3/4 D. 4/5

  19. If the TV is 5” wider and 3” higher, what is the new diagonal measurement? (Show work)

    48+5=53 27+3=30 the square root of 53^2+32^2 61.91 is diagonal If the TV is 3” wider and 5” higher, what is the new diagonal measurement? (Show work) 48+3=51

  20. A moving coil instrument has a resistance of 75 ohms and gives full scale deflection of 100 scale divisions for a current of 1mA. This instrument is connected in parallel with shunt resistance 25 ohms.The combination is then in series with load and a

  21. Estimate the area under the graph of f(x)= x^2 + 2 x from x=1 to x=5 using 4 approximating rectangles and left endpoints.

  22. A mixture of petrol and oil for a two stroke lawn mower contains 85% petrol, how much oil is required for 18 litres of the fuel mixture?

  23. Newtons 2nd law

    The force of earths gravity is about 10 N downward. Whats the acceleration of a 15kg backpack if lifted with a 15N force??

  24. If X = 12 units, Y = 10 units, and Z = 14 units, then what is the surface area of the right triangular pyramid shown above?

  25. What pH buffer solution is needed to give a Ni2+ concentration of 2.5 x 10-3M in equilibrium with solid nickel hydroxide Ni(OH)2? Ksp = 6.0 x 10-16.

  26. a 10cm long spring is attached to the ceiling. when a 2.6kg mass is hung from it, the spring stretched to a length of 15cm.

    what is the spring constant k how long is the spring when a 4.0 kg mass is suspended from it

  27. Suppose an investment of $500 doubles in value every 15 years. How much is the investment worth after 30 years? After 45 years?

    please help!!! i don't even understand how to approach this problem! =(

  28. Assume 𝛼 is opposite side a, 𝛽 is opposite side b, and 𝛾 is opposite side c. Assume that a = 7sqrt(3), b = 7sqrt(2), 𝛽 = 45°. Determine whether there is no triangle, one triangle, or two triangles. Then solve each triangle, if possible. Enter

  29. Please help!!! I don’t understand how to do these! A walk thru would be perfect for both, thanks!!!

    18.) A chemical reaction produces formaldehyde with a chemical formula of CH2O. Carbon is in group for a oxygen is in group 6A and hydrogen is in group 1A

  30. Which of the following describes how Spanish explorers affected Native American cultures in

    the American Southwest? The Spanish shared their wealth and gold. The Spanish converted Native Americans to Christianity. The Spanish moved Native Americans to

  31. Will the opposite of a positive number always,sometimes or never be a positive number

  32. As part of the 'Learning Journey' program, 73 pupils travelled on two buses, one air-conditioned and one non-air-conditioned, to the Singapore Discovery Centre. Three-fifths of the pupils on the air-conditioned has wee girls. There were 17 boys in the

  33. Kimi bought d donuts. There were 4 donuts in each box. Write an expression that shows how many boxes of donuts Kimi bought.

  34. 1.What is the volume of the figure above if a = 6 units and b = 9 units?

    A. 1,620 cubic units B. 540 cubic units C. 324 cubic units D. 342 cubic units 2.Susan is building a cage for her rabbit and started by making the supports for the cage as shown below,

  35. A soccer player extends her lower leg in a kicking motion by exerting a force with the muscle above the knee in the front of her leg. Suppose she produces an angular acceleration of 28.5 rad/s2 and her lower leg has a moment of inertia of 0.7 kg⋅m2. What

  36. Hi, I need help finding the domain and range of the Quadratic Model on part b. I've included part a. just in case you may need it.

    a.The parabolic path of a thrown ball can be modeled by the table. the top of the wall is at (5,6). Will the ball go over the

  37. A 0.20-kg object is attached to the end of an ideal horizontal spring that has a spring constant of 120 N/m. The simple harmonic motion that occurs has a maximum speed of 2.0 m/s. Determine the amplitude A of the motion.

  38. Convert the rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates with r > 0 and 0 ≤ θ < 2π. (9, −9)

    (r, θ) = ?

  39. According to the Professor Sandel, if judgments about the good are unavoidable in debates about justice and rights, is it possible to reason about the good (these judgments about the good)?

    a) If reasoning about the good means that you must have a single

  40. write an equation expressing 19cos(theta-50degrees) as a sum of sine and cosine.

  41. What is the volume of 325 mL of a sample of gas at 51.0°C and 710. mm Hg if the conditions are adjusted to STP? Assume the amount of gas is held constant.

  42. For many years the recovery of gold-that is, the seperation of gold from other materials-involved the use of potassium cyanide:

    4AU + 8KCN + 02 +2H20 -> 4KAu(CN)2 + 4KOH What is the minimum amount of KCN in moles needed to extract 29.0 g (about an ounce) of

  43. Thanks for the help earlier

    My question Silicon tetrachloride (SiCl4) can be prepared by heating Si in chlorine gas: Si + 2Cl2 yields SiCl4 In one reaction 0.507 mole of SiCl4 is produced. How many moles of molecular chlorine were used in the reaction? Ok

  44. [b]1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data[/b]

    The average growth rate of the population of a certain city is 7.5% per year. The city's population is now 22,750 people. What is the expected population in 10 years? [b]2. Relevant

  45. if every single person on this planet (about 5x10^9) could eat 1 pizza every second, how many years would it take them to eat 1 mole of pizza.

    1 mole= 6.02x10^23

  46. The top of a 15-foot ladder is 3 ft. father up a wall than the foot of the ladder is from the bottom of the wall. How far is the foot of the ladder from the bottom of the wall?

  47. You are a work study student in our chemistry department. Amy, your supervisor has just asked you to prepare 100ml of 2.00M NaOH solution for tomorrow's undergraduate experiment. The Stock Solutions cabinet is under the Stockroom Explorer. You will find

  48. A pulley system is used to lift a load of 300N.If the effort applied is 150N .Calculate the mechanical advantage of the system

  49. A block and tackle pulley system has three fixed pulleys and two moving ones.Determine the velocity ratio of the system

  50. I am a prime number less then 10 if you add either 12 or 18 to me, the result is a prime number

  51. A woman is four times as old as her daughter five years ago the sum of their ages was 35. Find their ages

  52. 4. Water is flowing at a rate of 10cm ^ 3 per second into a cylindrical can of diameter 30 cm. Find the rate at which the water is rising in cm / s .

  53. 5/8 x 24

  54. The equilibrium constant, K, for the following reaction is 1.34×10-2 at 601 K.

    COCl2(g) CO(g) + Cl2(g) An equilibrium mixture of the three gases in a 19.2 L container at 601 K contains 0.260 M COCl2, 5.90×10-2 M CO and 5.90×10-2 M Cl2. What will be the

  55. How many gallons of paint are necessary to paint the walls of a 15' by 12' room with an 8'

    ceiling if one gallon of paint covers 80 square feet? (One coat!)

  56. Find mass of a cylindrical iron pipe 2.1m long and 12cm in external diameter, if the metal is 1cm thick and of density 7.8g/cm (take she as 22/7)

  57. What is the exact value of sin(-225)

  58. Find the diameter of a circle with a central angle of 110 degrees and a segment measuring 8 ft.

    (To the extent possible use standard angles to simplify your responses. When necessary express your answers using the functions sin, cos, sin−1, cos−1. If

  59. guys i need help but quick what is 2 3/4-1 1/8 and i need to estimate the diffrent. Help

  60. what is 5 1/3- 3 5/12. But i have to do it by renaming them i need help.

  61. What can i study with this subjects

  62. the volume of this cube is 343 cubic yards. what is the value of g?

  63. Interpretation these equations please.

    1. Pb2+(aq) + 2 Br-(aq)=PbBr2(s) 2. 2 PO43-(aq) + 3 Cu2+(aq)=Cu3(PO4)2(s)

  64. Balancing equations of chemical reactions

    If the equation is already balanced, write “The equation is balanced” right under it in order to get full credit. Balance the following chemical equations (3 points each): 9. _____ K(s) + _____ Cl2(g) → _____

  65. What are some similarities shared by green algae and plants?

    a. They make their own food, store energy as starch, and have a two- stage life cycle. b. They make their own food, are plants, and live in a dry environment. c. They rely on insects for

  66. The point (-4, 3) lies on the terminal side of an angle. What is the angle?

  67. How were the governors of Rhode Island and Connecticut chosen? *

    A. They were appointed by the King. B. They were appointed by the colony's proprietor. *** C. Colonists elected them.

  68. How do I calculate the effective nuclear charges for Ga3+ and Ga?

  69. hree objects are released to the ground while the mass and net force of each is recorded. Air resistance is assumed to be negligible. Which statement is correct about all three objects?(1 point)

    No statements can be made about the objects without measuring

  70. An eastbound train and a westbound train meet each other on parallel tracks heading in opposite directions. The eastbound train travels 4 miles per hour faster than the westbound train. After 2.5 hours, they are 320 miles apart. At what speeds are the two

  71. The amount for dividends is included on the following:

    a. Balance sheet and income statement b. Income statement and statement of retaining earnings c. Balance sheet and statement of retained earnings d. Statement of retained earning only.

  72. If Kate has 34 ribbon and Maddie had 20 ribbon how much more kate has?(Hint You have to multiple)

  73. Three impedences are connected in series across a 200V,50Hz ac supply. The first impedance is a 10 ohm resistor , the second coil which has an inductive reactance of 15 ohms and resistance of 5 ohms and third comprises a 15 ohms resistor in series with a

  74. A motorcar with a mass of 1.3 tons accelerates uniformly from rest up an incline 4% and reaches a speed of 114km/h after 7 minutes. Calculate:

    1.The acceleration of a motorcar. 2.the kinetic energy that a motorcar possesses after 7 minutes. 3. The gain in

  75. The flywheel of a drill machine uniformly rotates from 280r/min to 50 r/min in 2 seconds .

    Calculate the angular retardation of the flywheel

  76. A large dam scraper , with a mass of 900kg , is used to build an earth dam by means of a winch system. The slope of the dam wall is 60° to the horizontal and is 18m long .The loading capacity of the dam scraper is 1,5m ^3 of soil and the density of the

  77. Make t the subject of the formula


  78. Make h the subject of the formula

    q= 1+rh/1-ht

  79. Given that y= 2x-z/X+3z, express X in terms of y and z

  80. Make p the subject of the formula

    P²= (p-q)(p-r)

  81. Make c the subject of the formula

    T= x√c²+d²

  82. Make y the subject of the formula

    P= xy/x-y

  83. Make X the subject of the formula

    S= W√a²- x²

  84. Given that log y= log(10xn), make n the subject

    NOTE: n is the power

  85. A chord AB of length 13 cm subtends an angle of 67° at the circumference of a circle center O. Find the radius of the circle

  86. Two solid spherical balls with centres P and Q touch each other. The balls lie inside and in contact with a hemispherical bowl of center R. Given that PQ=13 cm, QR=16cm and PR=19cm, calculate the radii of the bowl and the two spherical balls

  87. A man wants to buy a residential house valued at she.500000. A housing finance company advances him 90% of the amount. He repays by equal monthly installments of sh.6500 for 15 years. Calculate the total interest paid to the financing company

  88. How did the League of United Latin American Citizens promote civil rights for Latino Americans?

    It believed that only through segregated communities could Latino Americans achieve true equality. It believed that through occupying federal lands, Latino

  89. Tom spends 1/5 of his salary on food and 1/4 of it on rent and saves the rest.If she saves sh13750 ,how much does she earn?

  90. Suppose the market demand for good A given by Qd= 300 -20 P and the market supply for Good A is given by Qs=20P-100,where P=price of Good A.

    Q;Graph the supply and demand schedules for Good A using P5 through P15 as the value of P. Q; In equilibrium, how

  91. What is a equation parallel to 9x+y=2

  92. The tortoise and the hare are having a race. In this tale, the tortoise moves at 50 feet per hour while the hare moves at 250 feet per hour. The tortoise takes 8 hours longer than the hare to finish. What was the distance of the race?

    a. Let (t) represent

  93. How long would you have to leave $407 in the bank at a 6% interest rate to earn $170.94?

  94. how much did you invest if you earned $131.60 in interest at a rate of 4% for seven years?

  95. Melissa put her cat, Herman, on a diet and kept track of his weight. At the end of 4 weeks, she recorded Herman's weight change as −4 1/2 ounces. She noticed that he had lost the same amount of weight each week. What is Herman's weight change each week

  96. why does the sun have spots?

  97. in order to prepare 50.0ml of .200m hcl you will add ____ ml of 1.00m hcl to ___ml of water

    How would I solve this equation? Thanks!

  98. How do you figure out what comes next 2 22 12 132 122 1342

  99. 18% HCI what is it's molarity?

  100. Either (is,are) suitable


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