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  1. What does the phrase author's purpose describe?

    A. a thesis statement that makes a claim B. the reason an author writes a text C. the evidence an author gives to support his or her claim D. the way an author feels about the topic of the text

  2. calculate the heat required to change 0.50kilogram of water at 40°celcius to steam at 100°celcius.(take latent heat of vaporisation of water =2.26×10^6 joule/kilogram)

  3. Does anyone the Modeling Fission Quick Check answers?

  4. Find a cubic function f(x) = ax^3 + bx^2 + cx + d that has a local maximum value of 3 at x = −2 and a local minimum value of 0 at x = 1.

  5. Given that 1st term of an A.P is 7 and it's 10th term is twice the second term,calculate the (a) 19th term (b)sum of 28 terms (c) difference between 9th and 6th terms

  6. Anyone have answers to the Mass and Atoms Quick Check?

  7. Gretchen is setting up for a banquet. She has 300 chairs and needs to distribute them evenly among t tables.

    How many chairs should she put at each table? Write your answer as an expression.

  8. The value of a new car purchased for $28,000 decreases 8% per year. Write an exponential decay model for the value of the car. Use the model to estimate the value after 5 years.

  9. A ball throw with a speed of 100ms-1 attain height of 150m(takeg = 98 mg-2)calculate the following

    (a)time of flight (b)angle of projection (c)range

  10. A car has a uniform velocity of 108km/ far does it travel in 1/2minutes

  11. A golden ring is 20mm in diameter and has a 14mm hole in the middle.i). What is the area of the ring[Take π=22/7].ii.) If 1mmsquare of gold costs gh5.00,Calculate the cost of the ring.

  12. a spring 20cm long is stretched to 25cm by a load of 50nl that will be its length when stretched by 100nl assuming that the elastic limit is not reached

  13. find the 17 term of the ap progression (ap):-6,-1,4

  14. Substances with no definite shape but have a definite volume are said to be in what state

  15. During a physics pratical, a 250g tetherball was tied to a pole with a 75 cm string. Calculate the tension force in the string, if the ball makes 10 horizontal revolution in 5 seconds

  16. what list of numbers are greater than two hundred

  17. As a school prefect you are to deliver a speech PTA on three things your school need

  18. A Ferris wheel is 28 meters in diameter and boarded from a platform that is 1 meter above the ground. The six o’clock position on the Ferris wheel is level with the loading platform. The wheel completes 1 full revolution in 8 minutes. The function h(t)

  19. y=x rest to the power of 2 + 3x-1 from x=-4 to x=1

  20. SinO÷1-cos rest to the power of 2O=cosec. O

  21. In a class of 160 students, who took science and math examination. If they passed at least one subject and twice as many passed in science as math and 76 passed in both subject.

    Find how many passed in math only Illustrate your answer in a Venn diagram

  22. 9a−18b+21c=9, a, minus, 18, b, plus, 21, c, equals

  23. Ben has b dollars. Cam has 7 fewer dollars than Ben.

  24. Ben has b dollars. Cam has 7 fewer dollars than Ben.

    How many dollars does Cam have?

  25. You pack sandwiches for a mountain hike with your friends. Each sandwich takes 2slices of bread, and each hiker eats one sandwich.

    How many slices of bread are used for nhikers? Write your answer as an expression.

  26. Complete the statement to describe the expression abc + defabc+defa, b, c, plus, d, e, f.

    The expression consists of terms, and each term contains factors.

  27. A girl throws a marshmallow that lands in her friend’s mouth 2 m away. The girl threw the

    marshmallow at an angle of 30 degrees. How hard did she throw the marshmallow?

  28. A tennis ball is dropped from 1.98 m above

    the ground. It rebounds to a height of 1.05 m. With what velocity does it hit the ground? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . (Let down be negative.) Answer in units of m/s Confused please help.

  29. The radii and angle substended at the center of circle are given as follow


  30. Mr. Anderson has a rectangular yard that is 27 yards long and 25 feet wide. How many square feet of grass must Mr. Anderson mow?

  31. Sound travels at 343 meters per second. You measured 3 seconds for sound travel from place A to place B. What is the distance between A and B?

  32. An 0.850 g sample of a mixture of LiH and CaH2 was reacted with H2O and the H2 gas produced, 1.20 L, was collected at STP.

    What mass % of the original mixture was LiH?

  33. A sociology professor assigns letter grades on a test according to the following scheme.

    A: Top 14% of scores B: scores below the top 14% and above the bottom 55% C: scores below the top 45% and above the bottom 17% D: scores below the top 83% and above the

  34. On a coordinate grid map jaff's house is located at (9,5.). Hannah's house is at (-5,-5). Kenya's house is at the midpoint between Jeff and Hannah's. what's the distance.

  35. One day at 3 am., the temperature was -13 Fahrenheit in Kodiak, Alaska. At 10 am the temperature was 22 Fahrenheit What was the average change in temperature per hour?

  36. In this reaction:

    2 HCl + Na2CO3 -> H2O + CO2 + 2 NaCl The HCl was diluted from 2M to 0.8M and I currently have 0.020 L of it. There is also Na2CO3. What would be four causes for a large error percentage? Is it possible that some of the HCl evaporated?

  37. For the reaction of 2 HCl + Na2CO3 -> H2O + CO2 + 2 NaCl, how can I visually identify the limiting reagent, without any calculations?

    If I have a very high percent yield, what would be a good reason for it, considering that the HCl was diluted to 0.050 L at

  38. How do you find the major and minor axis of an ellipse?

  39. can you explain what the equation y = a(x - h)2 + k, a ≠ 0 means and what it represents?

  40. Your test scores in one class are 8484 and 88. What possible scores can you earn on your next test to have a test average between 86 and 90​, ​inclusive

  41. If q^1/2 = x, x^-1/4 = 4^-1/2, what is the value of q? Plz help me!

  42. A uniform rod 2m long has a force 80N applied downward at one end. Another force 6N applied downward at the other end. At what point under the rod should the pivot be placed to keep it in equillibrim?

  43. If a mixture calls for 3 cups of flour to 2 cups of water. Then how much water is needed for only 2 cups flour??

  44. out of 7 men and 5 women, 5 members of a committee are selected. in how many ways can this be done if (a) there must be exactly 3 men (b) there must be more women than men?

  45. 90% of population is unemployed. Assume 10 employable people are to be selected randomly. what is the expected number of those unemployed.

  46. Plz, i need the workings. An object is acted upon by two forces of 5N and 12N. Calculate the resultant of two forces if the forces acting perpendicular to each other

  47. A fence is to be built to enclose a rectangular area of 310 square feet. The fence along three sides is to be made of material that costs 3 dollars per foot, and the material for the fourth side costs 14 dollars per foot. Find the dimensions of the

  48. 1.

    If the energy of a photon is 1.32 × 10^-18 J, what is its wavelength in nm? 2. The energy of an electron in the hydrogen atom is determined by what?

  49. i have to proof that segment ad is congruent to segment ce. my givens are that segment ab is congruent to cb, that fd bisects ab and that fe bisects cb. the shape is a triangle

  50. What do I do if a compound inequality contradicts itself? Do I put down empty set, or what?

  51. Find the angles of atriangle which are in the ratio 2:3:5. Could someone explain how to do this also. Thanks.

  52. Find the angles of atriangle which are in the ratio 2:3:5. Could someone explain how to do this also. Thnaks.

  53. In a right angle triangle, two acute angles are in the ratio 2:3. Find the angles?

  54. I was wondering what you all may think about video games and their effects on children playing them? Are the children becoming more violent? What do these games do t a child's psyche?

  55. An airplane, traveling 90 degrees, at 100 meters per second is blown towards 180 degrees at 50 meters per second. What is the resultant velocity and direction?

  56. Find the difference of all the prime numbers between10 and25 arranged in descending and ascending order.Give your answer in words.

  57. Find the GCD OF 121, 151 And 211

  58. A mixture contains solids: Aluminium,camphor and sugar.Explain how you would obtain a sample of solid sugar from the mixture.

  59. There is a table of values for the function f. They read:

    x=3, f(x)=4 x=4 f(x)=5 x=5 f(x)=6 x=6 f(x)=3 x=7 f(x)=5 x=8 f(x)=7 What is the value of 2f(5)-f(4)? I did this wrong obviously, but what I did was figure out the function of five from the table (4),

  60. In North American, female adult heights are approximately normal with a mean of 65 inches and a standard deviation of 3.5 inches.

    a.) If one female is selected at Random, what is the probablility that shes has a height 70 inches or higher? b.) The heights

  61. Militsa has 4 times as many nickels as dimes. Their total value is $8.10. How many of each coin does she have

  62. What is the Mongolian equivalent to the guitar called? I've searched under Mongolian instrument lists, but I couldn't find it. Thanks!

  63. About the French Revolution.

    You are a member of the Third Estate. Prepare a speech for the meeting of the Estates General, explaining all your problems. Minimum 300 words

  64. Hello,

    I need to come up with a very creative way to express who I am to a certain group of people. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at art, so I would have to come up with a new way. Are there any ideas you might have? Thank you very much for your help.