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  1. Under an O2(g) pressure of 1.00 atm , 28.31mL of O2 (g) dissolves in 1.00L H2O at 298K.

    What will be the molarity of O2 in the saturated solution at 298K when the pressure is 3.86atm ? (Assume that the solution volume remains at 1.00L .) I used PV=nRT and

  2. What fundamental problem did noah Webster see in the Articles of Confederation?

    > that states would always work in their own self-interest even if it meant harm to the nation as whole > that the central covernment would always favor large states over the

  3. A charged sphere with an initial speed v0 has a final speed 2v0 when accelerated through a potential difference ΔV0 . What potential difference is needed to accelerate the same charged sphere from an initial speed 2v0 to a final speed 4v0 ?

  4. Match the inequality to its graph.

    Graph A. less than or equal to -1 Graph B. less than 3 Graph C. less than 1 Graph D. less than or equal to -3 7. 4y + 3 *less than or equal to* y+6 8. -2y > 2 9. y over 3 < -1 10. 3y *less than or equal to* 2y +3 Not sure?

  5. What is -^90 to nearest integer?

    A. 3 B. -5 C. 7 D. -9 I'm not sure how to get the answer. Can anyone help?

  6. what is the value of the missing angle? (I don't know what you call this shape but its like drawing a house on paper but its upside down ex: the triangle is on the bottom and the square is on top. where the triangle is theres a number 140 on each side and

  7. Find sin x/2, cos x/2, and tan x/2 from the given information.

    [1]. sin x = 5/13, 0° < x < 90° 1). sin x/2 =________. 2). cos x/2 =________. 3). tan x/2 =________. [Note: Plz help with these 3]

  8. A recipe calls for 2 cups of sugar to make 2 dozen cookies. Use the proportion to calculate how much sugar is needed to make 6 dozen cookies.

  9. 1. Which of the following satements would describe the significance of the battle of kettle creek?

    A.weapons and horses were taken from the British. B. the back country of georgia remained under patriot control C.the morale of the georgia milita was lifted

  10. consider the function

    f(x) = (x if x<1 (1/x if x>or equal to 1 Evaluate the definite integral: int_{-2}^{3} f(x)\,dx =

  11. Use the standard reaction enthalpies given below to determine ΔH°rxn for the following reaction:

    2 NO(g) + O2(g) → 2 NO2(g), ΔH°rxn = ? Given: N2(g) + O2(g) → 2 NO(g), ΔH°rxn = +183 kJ 1/2 N2(g) + O2(g) → NO2(g), ΔH°rxn = +33 kJ

  12. According to the following thermochemical equation, what mass of H2O (in g) must form in order to produce 975 kJ of energy?

    SiO2(s) + 4 HF(g) → SiF4(g) + 2 H2O(l), ΔH°rxn = -184 kJ

  13. An 8 foot tall fence separates Larry's yard from Evan's yard.The fence is 3 feet from Larry's house and runs parallel to the side of his house. Larry wants to paint his house and needs to position a ladder extending from Evan's yard over the fence to his

  14. sin(2θ)=1/2

    Find all solutions in the interval [0, 2π). (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) k = any integer What I have so far: pi/12 + kpi, 5pi/12 + kpi However, I do not know how to solve for the interval. Please help, thank you!

  15. What is the linear approximation of the square root of 8.9? Must be accurate to the fifth decimal place.

    I have tried everything it seems like yet cannot get the right answer.

  16. Which of the following would describe John and Mary Musgrove?

    A. They owned a trading post close to the early Georgia settlement. B. The knew both the English and Indian Languages. C. They acted as interpreters for Oglethorpe and Tomochichi D. all of the

  17. Two ice skaters hold hands and rotate, making one revolution in 7.6 s. Their masses are 15 kg and 50 kg, and they are separated by 4.6 m.

    Find the angular momentum of the system about their center of mass. Answer in units of J · s Find the total kinetic

  18. What mass of glycerin (), a nonelectrolyte, must be dissolved in 200.0 g water to give a solution with a freezing point of –0.900°C?

  19. Which of the following was a contribution of Tomochichi to the success of the Georgia colony?

    A. He kept peace between british and the creek Indians B. He had a cure for disease caused by the mosquitoes C. He kept most of the land that Oglethorpe wanted for

  20. A plane is is flying 225 mph heading S25°W. The wind is blowing S80°E at 60 mph.

    11. What is the bearing of the plane? 12. What is the smallest angle of the triangle? 13. What is the largest angle of the triangle? 14. What is the remaining angle of the

  21. Calculate the density of F2 gas at 27 degree Celsius and 1.00 atm pressure?

  22. If a person weighs 818 N on earth and 5320 N on the surface of a nearby planet, what is the acceleration due to gravity on that planet?

    A. 55.4 m/s^2 B. 46.5 m/s^2 C. 63.7 m/s^2 D. 73.3 m/s^2 Help!!

  23. Which of the following was a cause of the Great Depression? (Choose all that apply.)

    A. the stock market crash of 1929 B. prohibition C. failed crops and drought D. a lack of demand for goods The first 3? Is that correct?

  24. Which inference about Near Eastern cultures is best supported by this image?

    (Its a image of Cappadocian Tablet with Cuneiform Inscription Assyrian) A. All citizens of the ancient Near East were excellent writers. B. This tablet describes the only god

  25. A plane is heading west at 200 mph. The wind is blowing S30°W at 25 mph.

    1. What is the ground speed of the plane? 2. When you solve the triangle, what is the smallest angle? 3. What is the largest angle of the triangle? 4. What is the remaining angle? 5.

  26. Fewer than 63 of the students surveyed said that they read for 30 minutes or more per night.

    Write and graph an inequality for the situation above. Is it x<63?

  27. A study recently confirmed that of every 100 citizens of a certain state 40 are considered overweight . There were 288 million citizens of this state in 2001 . how many would be considered overweight

  28. A triad that contains the notes A and C could also contain which of the following notes?

    F B E F or E

  29. 2. W/4 - 4 = 3

    a)-4 b)28****** c)3 d)11 3.X/5 + 6 = 10 a)44 b)30******* c)20 d)-20 4.-2(m-30)=-6m a)-15 b)-13************ c)-8 d)8 5.3.75x+3.7=1.7+1.75x a)10 b)-1 c)1***** d).1 Please check my answers :)

  30. Which direction will the box move in the diagram below?

    (Its a square in the middle and it has a long arrow pointing to it on the left side which is 5 N and then on the right side theirs a short arrow pointing to it which is 3 N) A. It will move to the

  31. Which of the following aqueous solutions would you expect to be the best conductor of electricity at 25 degrees celcius? Explain your answer.

    (a) 0.20 M NaCl (b) 0.60 M CH3COOH (c) 0.25 M HCl (d) 0.20 M Mg(NO3)2

  32. Kane Manufacturing has a division that produces two models of hibachis, model A and model B. To produce each model-A hibachi requires 3 lb of cast iron and 6 min of labor. To produce each model-B hibachi requires 4 lb of cast iron and 3 min of labor. The

  33. You want to swim straight across a river that is 76m wide. You find that you can do this if you swim 28 degrees upstream at a constant rate of 1.7m/s relative to water. At what rate does the river flow? The angle is measure from the river bank (directly

  34. i need some help on this question

    a diamond cutter has a raw diamond that weighs 19.5 carats and from which two 5-carat diamonds will be cut. i need to find out how much the raw diamond weigh in milligrams and plus how much will each of the two cut diamonds

  35. True or false

    If y =ax+b then DeltaY/DeltaX = dy/dx If Y= x+c then dy = dx If you can measure the length and width of a rectangle correct within .1 cm, then the calculated area will be correct within .1 cm as well. I have True for the first 2 and false for

  36. Rectangular Prism:

    Length: 41 ft Width: 32 ft Height: 49 ft 1. Find the surface area for the given prism. 7,154 ft^2 2,624 ft^2 9,778 ft^2 8,432 ft^2. Help please because I'm not sure.

  37. Patterns and colors on seventeenth to nineteenth century kimonos were used to identify the hometown of which type of Japanese citizen?

    A. Farmers B. Nobility C. Warriors*** D. Lawmakers I'm not sure can someone help?

  38. Which expression is equivalent to 4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4?

    a. 4 x 8 b. 8^4 c. 8x8 d. 4^8 I think D.

  39. Aspirin, C9H8O4 , is produced through the following reaction of salicylic acid, C7H6O3, and acetic anhydride, C4H6O3:

    C7H6O3(s) + C4H6O3(l) ---> C9H8O4(s) + HC2H3O2(l) A. What mass of aspirin (kg) could be produced from 75.0 mol of salicylic acid? B. What

  40. a) A student fails to wash the weighing paper when transferring the KHP sample into the beaker. What effect does this error have on the calculated molarity of the NAOH solution? Mathematically justify your answer.

    b) A student failed to notice an air bubble

  41. Starting with the second row from the top, what is the sequence of the diagonal (1 2 3 4 5 6 7)

  42. 1. A 5 kg weight is hung from a vertical spring. The spring stretches by 5 cm. How much mass should be hung from the spring so it will stretch by 10 cm from its original length?

    A. 15 kg B. 10 kg C. 20 kg D. 25 kg 2. What is the spring constant of a spring

  43. I just took an Ed Tech assessment and so could someone check my answers before I turn it in? Thanks!!

    1.) What did the STRICT study generally find about the effect of Internet use on sleep? A. Teens who use the Internet and phone after bedtime have a

  44. If 4.7 plus 3.2 times a number equals the sum of the number and 52.7 what is the number write out the equation and solve.

  45. Jimmy opens a savings account with a $200 deposit at the beginning of the month. The account earns 4.6% annual interest compounded monthly. At the beginning of each subsequent month, Jimmy deposits an additional $200. How much will the account be worth at

  46. Use an Addition or Subtraction Formula to write the expression as a trigonometric function of one number.

    (tan(74°)-tan(14°))/(1+tan(74°)tan(14°)) =__________ Find it's exact value (not decimal form) =__________ Note: A similar question(but with

  47. what is the area of the triangle? (its a scalene obtuse triangle)

    height 4.5 ft base 8.7 ft A. 13.2 ft^2 B. 19.575 ft^2 C. 20.25 ft^2 D. 39.15 ft^2

  48. As part of a pancake recipe, you mix 3/4 cup of milk for every 1 cup of flour to make 7 cups of batter. How much of each ingredient do you use?

  49. Translate this phrase into an algebraic expression.

    7 increased by twice Malik's savings. Use the variable m to represent Malik's savings.

  50. 2. Which of the following is NOT one of the regulations about land grants that the trustees put in place in Georgia?

    A. Deserving poor could farm fifty acres B. Men would serve in the Miltia if Necessary C. Farmers were allowed to own slaves D. Tools and

  51. 1. What function do the barrier islands play environmentally for the state of Georgia?

    A. They create deep sea ports. B. They protect the coastline. C. They carry toxic chemicals from the mainland. D. They reduce the likelihood of drought. 2. Which of the

  52. Calculate the molarity of the nitrate ion in a 0.111 M solution of calcium nitrate?

    so would I have to find the number of moles of (NO3)2 and then divide it by the 0.111 M to get the molarity of the nitrate ion I am so confused please explain the set up I

  53. A uniform disk with a mass of 130 kg and a radius of 1.2 m rotates initially with an angular speed of 950 rev/min. A constant tangential force is applied at a radial distance

    of 0.5 m. How much work must this force do to stop the wheel? Answer in units of

  54. to produce 4.00 mole if c6h12 from the following how many grams of c6h6 must you combine

    78.12 g/mol c6h6 + 2.02 g/mol h2 = 84.18 g/mol c6h12

  55. A rock contains 200. µmol 238U (t1/2 = 4.5 109 yr) and 116 µmol 206Pb. Assuming that all the 206Pb comes from decay of the 238U, estimate the rock's age.

    Please explain step by step.

  56. The perimeter of a square is equal to its area plus four. What is the measure of one side of the square?

  57. The price of a new car is $16,000. Assume that an individual makes a down payment of 25% toward the purchase of the car and secures financing for the balance at the rate of 6%/year compounded monthly. (Round your answers to the nearest cent.)

    What monthly

  58. The kinetic energy of a 4 kg object moving at 3 m/s is _______ J.

  59. Assuming 100% of your energy can be converted to electrical power, and electricity costs $0.10 for 1 kilowatt-hour, how high should you climb to make one penny's worth of electricity? Show all work & units.

    I have 288.8 watts, and that's as far as I have

  60. An airplane pilot tries to fly directly east with a velocity of 800.0 km/h. If wind comes from the southwest at 80.0 km/h, what is the relative velocity of the airplane to the surface of Earth?

  61. Suppose Johnny invests $41,745 into an account, which has been earning interest for many years and he now has a total of $39,974. In two or more sentences explain why a negative number would/wouldn’t be reasonable in the solution of the rate of the

  62. Which statement explains how the author makes a connection between the ideas in these sentences?

  63. Here's the sentence to answer the question the CEOs inability to see the looming issues with his supply chain left him as vulnerable as the captain of the Titanic which term does this sentence demonstrate

  64. Which term describes a brief reference and a text to a fictional or historical story person or event that readers will be familiar with

  65. I scientists just working in her lab and accidentally combines two liquids that quickly form us solution which process could be used to separate the two liquids

  66. Which term describes the comparison of two things that are not alike in an obvious way

  67. Which of the following describes a context clue

  68. Are you unable to lift an object which property makes the object difficult to lift

  69. Which type of connection shows how ideas are similar or different

  70. Which set of integers are in the right order from least to greatest a ( - 10 - 3, 2, 7 b 7, ( - 10 - 3, 2 two, - 3, 7, ( - 10) D -3,2,7.(-10)

  71. What symbol is needed between -2?[-3] to make a true statement?

  72. Frank the phrases of matter from the one with the least kineric energy to the greatest kinetic energy to the particles in the substance

  73. Which of the following is the role of supporting details in a text

  74. What is another way to write to 72 -(- 25)?

  75. A check account was overdrawn $18 the bank charged the account and additional $29 as a fee for being overdrawn find an expression that can be used to show how much money should be deposited to bring the total account balance to zero which expression can be

  76. Which is an algebraic expression for 5 more than a

    A 5z B z+5 C 5z+5 D 5-z

  77. Identify the choice that best describes the underlying word or words in each sentence number one the White House has been home to many animals as well as presidents a common noun B proper noun C compound noun or c collective noun

  78. Identify the choice that best describes the underlying word or words in each sentence to Teddy Roosevelt for example kept a pet snake a common noun to proper noun 3 compound noun or four collective noun

  79. In a short story the problem that moves the action of the story forward is known as the a theme B conflict or see protagonist

  80. Which of the following is one main benefit of having a group discussion a having to do less work be hearing the ideas of others see having a strong opinion or D arguing with others

  81. One day the temperature started at -9 degrees and dropped 17 degrees by the end of the day. What was the temperature at the end of the day?

  82. A lead atom has a mass of 3.4 * 10 ^ - 22 * g How many lead atoms are in a cube of lead that has a volume of 4.50 cm^ 3 the density of lead is 11.3g/cm^ 3

  83. Explain how the solubility of water is useful in maintaining various life processes.

  84. Dead Whispers

    BOOM! I kicked open the front door. I was here for inspection. A family of 5 was missing, last seen right inside this house. Another pack of police officers was missing too, after searching for the missing family. Nobody dared to enter the

  85. Find the area of the parallelogram shown below.

    14, 10, 12

  86. Read the following passage and then select the correct answer:

    According to some sources, more than 30 million adult Americans are unable to read. There are different levels of illiteracy; some adults will be able to recognize a collection of words, while

  87. What is the adverb

    There is a big sale at the mall

  88. The product of Johnny's age and four is 52 use the variable d to represent Donnie's age

  89. Take a look at what we recorded on our summary table. How might what we observed and learned about atoms help us to understand how carbon atoms can help us determine the age of baby Lyuba?

  90. Twelve prizes were raffled off by the band to raise money for new uniforms. All of the prizes were valued at $25 or more. Write and graph an inequality for the situation.

    I'm struggling to figure out what the inequality would be... could it be 12 ≥ 25x ?

  91. How do I find the area of a cylinder with a height of 12.4, and the circular base has a diameter of 8? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

  92. Less than 39 of the orange trees were lost during the frost last month.

    Write and graph an inequality for the situation above would the answer be x<39 or x<-39 please help asap!

  93. Sargon created the world’s first empire by....

    defeating Hammurabi in battle. destroying the city-state of Ur. uniting Akkadian and Babylonian lands. conquering Mesopotamian city-states.

  94. In Mexico, what is considered to be polite when you are greeting someone?

    A. Saying "Hola" stopping and chatting for a minute, and asking about the other persons family B. Saying "Hola" kissing the other person on one cheek, and continuing to walk C. Saying

  95. A baseball is thrown in the air at 5 ft. with an initial velocity of 42 ft per second. let t represent time and seconds. after the baseball is thrown let h represent height of the baseball. quadratic function h(t)= -16t squared + 42 t + 5

    Find domain and

  96. Your CEO is concerned that too much productivity is lost by having employees call each other, only to be directed to voice mail. He asks you if something can be done to counter this. What do you suggest?

    a) Integrate Dropbox into the company network. b)

  97. 1. A vector is defined as having magnitude of 15 m and a direction of East. Multiply this vector by the scalar value of –6. What is the resultant vector’s magnitude and direction?

    A. 90 m East B. 90 m West C. -90 m East D. -90 m West 2. What are the

  98. A baseball is thrown at an angle of 20º relative to the ground at a speed of 25.0 m/s. If the ball was caught 50.0 m from the thrower, how long was it in the air?How high did the baseball ravel before beginning it's descent?

    Please help me!!!

  99. How many ink cartridges can you buy with one hundred sixty eight dollars if kne cartridge costs fourteen dollars?

  100. A hot-air balloon is floating above a straight road. To estimate their height above the ground, the balloonists simultaneously measure the angle of depression to two consecutive mileposts on the road on the same side of the balloon. The angles of


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