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  1. Math

    0.2 * 85 = ______

  2. Math

    2v = 32

  3. math

    C is right.

  4. math

    Your question?

  5. English

    If you forget the past, you must repeat it; A good example was Hitler's invasion of the Soviet Union.

  6. English

    What author? What selection?

  7. math


  8. math

    No. 6 * 3/4 = ____ cups

  9. Math

    P = 2L + 2W

  10. math

    135/30 =

  11. Career

    Yes, B.

  12. Career


  13. math

    What are the first 5 multiples of 8?

  14. Social Studies

    What does your assignment say?

  15. History

    2. not C

  16. English

    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

  17. History

    1. yes 2. no

  18. Social studies

    I disagree,

  19. Math

    27/6 = 4.5 minutes per hour

  20. Algebra

    I = PRT 131.6 = P * 0.04 * 4

  21. History

    I vote for C,

  22. Math

    You're welcome.

  23. social studies

    What are your answer choices? What is your answer?

  24. Math

    p/8 = -2 Multiply both sides by 8.

  25. math

    25.50 / 25 = ____ per pencil

  26. Geography

  27. History


  28. Science

    I disagree. Compost should be added, but not to make the soil more like clay

  29. Science


  30. language

    the Bible any specific book

  31. History

    I agree.

  32. Math

    1+ 2 = 3 3 +3 = 6 6 + 4 = 10 Do the next the same way,

  33. Math

    1/4 is wrong

  34. Math

    Your answers?

  35. Language arts

    Both of your answers are wrong.

  36. Language arts

    I disagree.

  37. Math

    Divide both sides by -12

  38. social studies

    What physical differences are explained in your reading assignment? land, island, peninsula size of population landforms other

  39. math

    What is the scale?

  40. Language Arts

    I agree.

  41. history

    Is that what your assignment says?

  42. Social Studies

    What is a nuclear family? Google that word if you don't know.

  43. Language Arts

    Asking for answers.

  44. Math

    What do you mean by 1/2 12?

  45. Math

    Please clarify.

  46. science

    What are your word choices? What are your answers?

  47. Social studies

  48. English

    I don't see how this word fits the vowel/consonant vowel/consonant vowel pattern.

  49. Science

  50. History

    What SUCH discovery?

  51. Math

    Yes, right.

  52. criminology

    I disagree. What does your text say?

  53. English

    How many eyes are yours? This is my second time -- and I pass because I haven't read this book.

  54. social studies

    No, What does your reading assignment say?

  55. math

    C is right; E is wrong.

  56. Math

    Add 1/5 to both sides.

  57. world history

    All of your answers are right.

  58. Math

    I'm sorry; I ignored the second question. Simplify your answer to the second question.

  59. Math

    Yes, A, B, C are all right. Do you understand why?

  60. Math


  61. Math

    1. c is right Now find the other two,

  62. social studies

    Check your assignment or Google each of the choices.

  63. Social studies

    Please put each sentence on a different line. Put a ___ where the missing word should be. Put your answer at the end.

  64. Math

    I'll be glad to check your answer.

  65. math

    Wouldn't the basic rate be half a recipe?

  66. Health and Human Services


  67. Math

    What is the common denominator?

  68. history


  69. Math

    You're welcome.

  70. Math

    Change the denominators to the common denominator of 21.

  71. Math

    Divide the cost by the number of pounds to find the cost per pound.

  72. Social studies

    What does your reading assignment say?

  73. English

    Are you sure the 1st and 4th are correct? Do they contribute to the characters description? What about what the character says?

  74. Social studies

    What are the differences between the shore and the pampas?

  75. Career guidance

    Yes, with additional classes.

  76. world geography

    You're welcome, lulu.

  77. geography

    I vote for D,

  78. English

    I'll be glad to check your answer.

  79. geography

    Which one is stated in your assigned reading?

  80. world geography

    Ah -- now I see the entire question and answers. B is right.

  81. world geography

    What are all of your choices?

  82. world geography

    No, they are not the same. Deforestation is just one form of biodiversity.

  83. Business

    Only one of your answers is right. Check the definitions of both words.

  84. social studies

    You are welcome.

  85. social studies


  86. English

    We can't help you because we don't know your source.

  87. social studies

    I deleted a post because of an inappropriate name.

  88. English

    This article should get you started in your research.

  89. history

    You are welcome, ok.

  90. history

    I agree.

  91. history

    opposition to slavery desire to be part of the United States pacifist

  92. Math

    I get a much different answer.

  93. Social Studies

    I agree.

  94. Math

    You have two numbers. Do you think you should add? subtract? multiply? divide? What answer do you get?

  95. English

    You are welcome. And I will check it later.

  96. Social studies

    I'll be glad to check your answer.

  97. English

    Think about why it's interesting for you. Did fighting for independence need children? How did Johnny help the cause?

  98. English

    What details from the story led you to choose those ideas? Why?

  99. Math

    (520 + 380) / 60 = ________ hours

  100. History