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Two cars are starting from positions that are 20 miles apart. They are both headed for the same intersection, as depicted in the diagram below. Car A is traveling at 30 mph, and Car B is traveling at 45 mph. Which car will reach the intersection first?

1. Use the law of cosines to determine how far Car B has to travel to reach the intersection.

My answer:28.05

II. Use distnace=rate*time to determine the time necessary for Car A to reach the intersection. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth of an hour.

I got stuck.

III. Use distnace=rate*time to determine the time necessary for Car B to reach the intersection.

Also got stuck.

IV. Which car reaches the intersection first, and by how many hours?

Stuck, too.

Please help me.
Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

***The diagram is a traingle with the angle on the bottom left measuring 95 degrees. Car A will travel from that point 18 miles to get to the intersection which is the top of the triangle. Car A and Car B are 20 miles apart. the bottom right angle is unknown, but the distance from it to the intersection is what I found which is 28.05 miles. The two cars will both meet at the intersection. I could not upload a photo to jishka, but i did my best describing it. thank you for your help.

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2 answers

  1. 60t + 55t = 1

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  2. You know car A's distance and speed. Since
    distance = rate * time,
    18 = 30 * time
    time = 18/30 hours

    Do likewise for car B

    The figure the time difference.

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