Question: Consider this molecular-level representation of a gas.

There are:
5 orange gas particles
6 blue gas particles
3 green molecules of gas (two particles attached together)

If the partial pressure of the diatomic gas is 0.510 atm, what is the total pressure?

I have tried several different things including ((3/14)(.51))+((6/14)(.51))+((5/14)(.51)) and also ((14/3)(.51))+((6/14)(.51))+((5/14)(.51)) with no luck. Someone please help!

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  1. Have you tried

    0.510 + 0.510*(6/3) + 0.510*(5/3) =? This is the longer way of working it.

    Your 3/14(0.510) is on the right track but conceptually not quite right. Actually,
    Pdiatomic = 0.510 = (3/14)Ptotal
    And Ptotal = ?
    You should get about 2.4 atm either way but that 2.4 is just an estimate..

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