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In earlier learning sequences we described how a static magnetic field cannot change the speed (and therefore kinetic energy) of a free charged particle. A changing magnetic field can, and this is one way particle beams are accelerated. Consider free protons following a circular path in a uniform magnetic field with a radius of 1 meter. At t = 0, the magnitude of the uniform magnetic field begins to increase at 0.001 Tesla/second. Enter the the acceleration of the protons in meters/second^2: positive if they speed up and negative if they slow down

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  1. A beam of electrons moves at right angles to a magnetic field of 4.5 × 10-2 tesla. If the electrons have a velocity of 6.5 × 106 meters/second, what is the force acting on the electrons? The value of q = -1.6 × 10-19 coulombs

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