I just have a few questions ok:

#1) How do you say "we ate" in French? I think it is nous mangons but that didn't look right so I want to be sure.
#2)How do you say"we swam" in French? because I thnk it is nous nagons but that doesn't seem right either.
#3) I have this sentence and I need to put the verb repeindre in the corrst form in the blank so here is the sentence:
Il faut que je (then the correct form of repeindre here) ma voiture favorite.
Thanks for the help.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. It would be very helpful to be able to visit the internet site where you are learning French. I could then help you much better. Be sure to ask for any grammar you would like, especially if you have no text with grammar.

We ate, we DID eat, we have eaten. All 3 English translations would be for the Passé Composé. The verb "to eat"= manger. Walking down I, you (familiar, singular), he,she, it, we, you-all, they): j'ai mangé, tu as mangé, il/ella/on a mangé, nous avons mangé, vous avez mangé, ils/elles ont mangé. I can post Present of regular and irregular, as well as passé composé of regular & irregular, L'imparfait of bothk etc. The English you are giving me is definitely PAST tense but the French verbs you are writing are definitely PRESENT verbs (I swim, do swim, am swimming, you swim, do swim, are swimming, he/she/it/on swis, does swin, is swimming, you-all swim, do swim, are swimming, they swim, do swim, are swimming. Note all 3 English meanings are for EACH Present Tense French Verb: je nage, tu nages, il/elle/on nage, nous nageons (note spelling change to keep soft "g"), vous nagez, ils/ells nagent.

Now, having givin you some explanation so you will know better what to ask for, here are the answers for the questions above.

#1 = nous avons mangé OR nous mangeons, if it is in the sense of "we were in the process of eating."
#2 = nous avons nagé (for we DID swim, action over and done with)
#3 ok, the minute you begin with "Il faut..." you are forced to use the Subjunctive. This has a special way of being formed = both the stem and the endings. Let me know if you have no idea how to form it. Here is the answer: Il faut que je repeigne...

Please, Aubrey, tell me more about your French background and this academy internet instruction. Someone assumes (and one should NEVER do that) that you have had the basics, which apparently you have not. You are in over your head here!

I went to a piblis high school for two years where I took two years of French and passed both years with a C average. When I transfered to an online acadamy they only offered AP French level 3 and they did not notify me of that so I got stuck in this class for the year. So, yes I am struggling alot with this advanced class since I only got the basics down with a C for two years!

Thank you for answering my query. Actually we never let students go on without at least a B. Yes, I've taught French AP and you need a firm foundation for that. Tell me where you would like to start and I have reviews for EVERYTHING!
You might like to begin with regular verbs? The reason is that you can't DO anything with out a verb so they need to be strong! The AP Grammar test is very strict; for example the entire thing is wrong without an accent mark that must be there! I have Web Sites as well for you with AP and I've been an examiner for AP as well, both Grammar and Literature.

I think I just need to review the basics you learn in the first year of French then move on to the more complicated objectives of the second year. I realize there is no way I am going to understand Ap Frech 3 until the past teo years come back to. Thank you so much for helping me!

OK! Here is the "Index" of what I have for French I. Feel free to ask for anything at any time. I'll just give you the "explanation" but there are plenty of examples if you need them. Just ask!

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  1. what does trousse mean in French?

  2. ....Interesting take on that. Could have been better. Good job.

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