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1. During puberty, boys testosterone production increases up to 5 times the level in childhood? True

2. Babies of teenagers have a higher risk of birth complications? True

3. Most STIs are fatal if not treated properly? False

4. Analytic thinking and intuitive thinking nearly always come up with the same conclusion? False

5. Students' relationships with one another improve during middle school in comparison with the quality of their relationship in elementary and high school? False

6. Aggressive children tend to be popular in middle school? True

7. The number of students enrolled in a high school is unrelated to learning and participation in school activities? True

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1 answer
  1. 1. I don't know.

    2. Right.

    3. Right

    4. Right.

    5. I don't know.

    6. Too many variables to answer this question.

    7. Right.

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    Ms. Sue

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