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1. A control group differs from an experimental group:

A. in the number of test organisms used.
B. by the independent variable.
C. in several ways.
D. in no way.

is it A

2. A theory and a hypothesis are different in that:
A. you must have a theory before you can form a hypothesis.
B. a theory is developed as a result of broad agreement among scientists and a hypothesis is a much less substantiated idea.
C. a theory is much easier to disprove than a hypothesis.
D. a theory can never be disproved while a hypothesis can.

is it B

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2 answers

  1. Neither is correct.

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  2. 1. The experimental group receives the independent variable.

    The control group is similar to experimental, except it does not receive the independent variable. Extraneous variables are balanced between experimental and control groups.


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