1)What is the correct structure of AsH3???? 2)Name the type of hybrid orbitals of central form. 3) Name the molecular geometry of compound. 4)State weather it is polar or non polar. 5) Estimate H-As-h bond angle in degree. 6) what is the dominant form of secondary bonding for AsH3?

Please answer it.

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  1. 1. trigonal pyramid; three hydrogen and 1 lone pair around As atom.

    2. sp3

    3. tetrahedral

    4. polar

    5. slightly less than 109.5

    6. covalent bond

  2. Point 6 - covalent bond -Wrong !!!

  3. Its dipole dipole interaction for (6)

  4. Trigonal pyramid is not in my answers. I got it wrong.

  5. It's Tetrahedral, the others i don't know.

  6. Scratch what i just said out. also, out of the choices provided, which one is closest to 'trigonal pyramidal', because it definitely isn't trigonal planar.

  7. the molecular geometry is tetrahedral..but the structure is trigonal pyramid i.e. three surrounding atom with 1 lone pair of electron around As. but the overall arrangement of the electron density is tetrahedral (four sites occupied). trigonal planar structure exist in molecules consisted of a central atom bonded to 3 surrounding atoms, with no lone pair. Arsenic cannot be trigonal planar because, it has 5 valence electrons as in Nitrogen (2 paired and 3 unpaired which is used for the bond).

  8. but still i got it wrong

  9. its tetrahedral ep @ top as is cntr n 3 hydrogen

  10. Ya thanx. its tetrahedral.

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