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Please read my essay to see if it's good. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THERE ANY OTHER DETAILS I COULD ADD! I REALLY want to get a good grade for assignment and this is my FINAL GRADE!

Should the story of Anne Frank and the Holocaust be taught in Middle School?

The story of Anne Frank and the Holocaust should not be taught in middle school. It should be saved for high school when students are more mature. The students would be able to handle it better when they are older. I think students under age of sixteen won’t be able to handle this horrifying subject. The appropriate age to learn about the Holocaust is sixteen.

To begin with, it will scare the students. When I was in sixth grade, we watched a movie about the Holocaust and there was a Jewish student in my class. While the class was watching the movie he was crying due to how badly the Jews were treated. It’s not only Jewish students will react to this other non-Jewish people were upset. If it going to learn in middle school, teachers should not expose too much details about the Holocaust.

Next reason, students will understand how to treat others if taught in high school. At this stage students will eventually be mature. Students should think twice before they judge someone because of his or her appearance or beliefs. If learn in middle school, students won't care and still continue to judge others and say inappropriate jokes due to immaturity.

Lastly, the material is inappropriate. The students are learning about race, religion, genocide, and any other topics related to the Holocaust. In high school, the students will take it seriously and be mature about these topics they’re learning.

Therefore, these are the reasons why the story of Anne Frank and The Holocaust should not be taught in middle school. It's better to learn it in high school than in middle school. The student will get a better understanding. Today in society people should be grateful for what they have.

also any grammars/errors (BE HONEST, PLEASE!!!)

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2 answers
  1. I cannot correct your paper because the errors in thinking are too vast. You are saying this book should not be taught in 8th grade because the Holocaust is too horrifying for that age group. In other words, you're trying to compare apples and Tinkertoys.

    This makes no sense.

    If your teacher lets you rewrite this, make sure you start from scratch and write about comparable things.

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  2. Lauren: It is not the Holocaust one teachers. Teachers teach specific things about the holocaust. One has to teach specific things.

    Here are some of the things one could teach :

    girl growing up events
    racial purity
    living in fear
    Europe in the 1930's
    the aftermath of WWI, unsettled events
    blaming others
    moral right
    Master races

    All of these could be taught at any age level..of course the educational outcomes would be tailored for specific maturity levels.

    When you argue general things,as you did, you fall into many traps, mainly, generalizing, and comparing apples with oranges.

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