I need help with working with critical reviews. I need help starting my introduction. These are the guidelines:

Begin your essay with an introductory paragraph. Include the title of the novel this essay is concerned with (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) and the author's full name. This paragraph sould include some general remarks about the novel and its wide appeal to a varied audience. You will also want to include its publication date and the fact that it has been the source of boht praise and controversy which has spawned the writing of countless critical review over the past century (this is your thesis).

I don't know how to start it. Also, I do not know where I need to state the thesis (at the beginning of the paragraph, middle, end). I also need some ideas of what kind of general remarks I should use.

There are several, really good links in here that will help with writing an introduction.

These will help you with the thesis statement, which is usually placed at the end of the introduction since it is the primary idea you want your reader to think of as they read your paper.

And here are several other links that will have good information for you, not only for the introduction, but also for other sections of your paper:

Use the left column as the table of contents.



Use Essay & Research Paper Level for writing your paper; use Word & Sentence Level for grammar, usage, punctuation, etc.

I hope these help. Be sure to re-post with your written introduction if you want someone here to give you feedback.


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