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Which part of the writing process was easiest for

you? Which part was the most difficult? What did you learn from your writing experience
during this class? In what ways have you learned to write more critically? How will this
knowledge assist you with your education or in your workplace?

My answer:

According to my experience, the easiest part of the writing process was the brainstorming, which allows me to outline a large numbers of ideas in order to find the best solution before starting the process. The most difficult part was finding the thesis statement, which is the part where your argument must be presented to the audience. In this class, I have learned the following writing tools that are: how to conduct, planning and developing my research. Also, how to revise and editing my expository essay. All those techniques will help me throughout my academic years and business life. Revising my paper has showed me ways to write more critically. It also helps worth the extra effort that will help me obtain a better grade. This knowledge will give me the ability to perform tasks and writing in a more competent way.

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  1. Comprehensive Grammar CheckPoint

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