When aqueous copper(II)chloride reacts with aqueous ammonium phosphate, soluble ammonium chloride forms and copper(II) phosphate precipitates out of solution.

1. Write the balanced molecular equationfor this reaction.

2. Write the balanced complete ionic equation for this reacton.
(I don't understand the difference in the two equations so obviously I can't write them!)

3. What are the spectator ions in this reaction?
(I know what spectator ions are but I don't know how you tell which ions are spectator ions)

4. Write the net ionic equation for this reaction.

I need some major help with this problem!

CuCl2 + (NH4)3PO4==>Cu3(PO4)2 + NH4Cl is the molecular equation.
1. Balance the molecular equation. I will leave that for you.
2. Now, separate the soluble materials into ions. Leave insoluble materials as the molecule. Example: NH4Cl will be written as NH4^+ + Cl^- and Cu3(PO4)2 will be written as Cu3(PO4)2. YOu know CuCl2 is soluble and you know (NH4)3PO4 is soluble. When you finish this part you have written the ionic equation.
3. Look through the ionic equation you have completed and find the ions that appear on both sides of the equation. These are the spectator ions; i.e., they don't enter into the reaction.
4. Cancel the spectator ions and you will be left with the NET ionic equation.
Get as far as you can, post your work to the point you get stuck and we shall be happy to help you through the remainder.

Ok so I think I balanced the molecular equation but I'm not sure if it is correct.
1. Cu3Cl+(NH4)2PO6---->Cu(PO4)3+NH4Cl2

then for #2:
Cu3(PO4)2 ---> NH4++Cl-
but then I can't find the spectator ions because there are no ions that appear on both sides of this equation so I think I did it wrong or there are just no spectator ions in this equation.
I haven't found the net ionic equation because I don't think I've done any of this problem right so far. Can you help me figure this out please?!

The number 1 rule in balancing equations is you may NOT change the subscripts. You balance equations ONLY by changing the coefficients.

CuCl2 + (NH4)3PO4==>Cu3(PO4)2 + NH4Cl
3CuCl2 + 2(NH4)3PO4 ==> Cu3(PO4)2 + 6NH4Cl
Try it from here.

no, you balanced it wrong because you are an idiot hahaha

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