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Which of these sources of energy is NOT renewable? (1 point)

solar power
hydroelectric power
natural gas

Air can be polluted by ____. (1 point)

tiny particles of soot
carbon monoxide
sulfuric acid
all of the above

Which of the following can cause acid precipitation? (1 point)

the use of solar panels
the use of hydroelectricity
the use of coal
all of the above

Of the following, which helps conserve natural resources? (1 point)

using a cloth shopping bag instead of a paper bag
riding your bike on short trips around town
planting trees in your front yard
all of the above

All of the following are fossil fuels EXCEPT ____. (1 point)

natural gas

Conserving resources is promotes though the slogan; reduce ________and _______. (1 point)

renewable; resources
reuse; recycle
remake; remodel
remodel; restore

My answers:
1. natural gas
2. all of the above
3. the use of coal
4. all of the above
5. wood
7. reuse; recycle

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5 answers
  1. All are right! :-)

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    Ms. Sue
  2. thank you i got 100%

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  3. thanks

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  4. 1) Which resource is both nonrenewable and nonrecyclable?(1 point)
    - answer: coal

    2) Which is correct about the relationship between the U.S. population and steel consumption in the early 1900s? (1 point)
    - answer: Both the population and steel consumption increased drastically during the early 1900s.

    3) Why did the steel consumption drop during the most recent years? (1 point)
    - answer: Structures like bridges are only built once.

    4) Which energy source is an alternative to fossil fuels?(1 point)
    - answer: geothermal

    5) Which measurements allow scientists to monitor the long-term effects of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?(1 point)
    - answer: average global temperatures

    6) Which can be excluded from the list of activities that reduce energy consumption?(1 point)
    - answer: using electrical devices all at once periodically

    7) Which land use takes up the greatest percentage of Earth’s habitable land?(1 point)
    - answer: agriculture

    8) What is a consequence of the heat island effect?(1 point)
    - answer: increased use of energy to cool homes

    9) As urban development and agricultural land grows, the other three categories of habitable land decrease. Which one is likely to decrease the most due to human development, and why?(1 point)
    - answer: forest, because the lumber is used to build and the cleared land is built on

    10) What is the name of the satellite program managed by NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey?(1 point)
    - answer: Landsat Program

    11) Satellite photos taken of the same area 10 years apart show a decrease in forest cover and an increase in pavement. Which human activity best accounts for these changes?(1 point)
    - answer: urban sprawl

    12) How do vertical cities help minimize the impact of urban development?(1 point)
    - answer: Vertical cities require less pavement cover.

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  5. CJ so cool do that r
    Do to read the ur name and you can do you have a good day r l P I don't have

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