1.Which of the following would always require a citation in a research paper?

A.Thesis statement
B.an anecdotal experience
C.a quotation
D.a humorous statement
I think it is C...?

2. Which of the following shows the correct parenthetical citation for information from page 57 of an article in the March 1999 issue of Popular Science magazine called “Designer Fuels,” written by Dan McCosh?

A.(Designer Fuels 57)
B.(Popular Science 57)
C.(McCosh 57)
D.(“Designer Fuels,” Popular Science 15)
I think it is C...?

3. All of the following are ways to cite sources used in a research report except
A.parenthetical citations.
B.expert quotations.
I think it is B...?

10 answers

  1. All 3 are correct, yes.

  2. Thank you - 2 more

  3. allauh akbar

  4. yes and last 2 are D and C

  5. c

  6. 4.9.5 Quick Check
    1.) C. a quotation
    2.) C. (McCosh 57)
    3.) B. expert quotations.
    4.) D. a thesis statement composed from personal views.
    5.) C. (Spines 15)

  7. @don worry bout it sweetheart
    100% correct

  8. 1.) a quotation
    2.) (McCosh 57)
    3.) expert quotations.
    4.) a thesis statement composed from personal views.
    5.) (Spines 15)

  9. both blue and don worry about it sweetheart are 100% correct

  10. All correct thank you

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