frank cut a pie into 10 equal slices there are only 3 slices left what is the measure of the angle for the 3 slices that are left?

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  1. the pie is 360 degrees
    divide that by 10 peices it gives you 36 degrees per slice
    3 slices left times 36 degrees is 108 degrees

  2. 36x3=180 degrees

  3. Maria cut a pizza into 8 equal slices she put a slice of pizza on 3 plates what is the measure of the angle for the slices that are left

  4. I shouldnt give you the answer but I had this for homework and if you don't know I have to teach you so read it 3 slices so what is the measure look you know 360 don't add the 0 from 360 and then do 36x6 and that should be your answer

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