can someone correct this for me:

Translate the following statements into inequalities. Let x represent the number in each case.

2 times a number, increased by 28, is less than or equal to 6 times that number.

My answer: 2x+28 <6x
the symbol that i'm using after the number 28 and before the 6 is the crocadile mouth eating number 6 with a line underneath the crocadile sign.

You did that correctly. Very good.
I and some others often choose to write <= for "less than or equal to", because of difficulty getting the underline to go beneath the "crocodile mouth" with computer keyboard commands.

2 answers

  1. 2x+28<6x
    -2x -2x
    - -
    4 4


  2. 2x+28<6x
    Step 1: Subtract the ones with the same variables...
    -2x. -2x
    Step 2: Divide the numbers
    28/4=7. 4/4x=x
    7<x OR x>7

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