A roulette wheel with a 1.0m radius reaches a maximum angular speed of 18 rad/s before it stops 35 revolutions ( 220 rad ) after attaining the maximum speed. How long did it take the wheel to stop?

Unless you mean the 35 revs occur after max speed, it cannot be solved.

The average speed on slowing was 18/2 rad/s

displacement= avg speed * time

solve for time.

2 answers

  1. t= 1.0/9= 1/9s = 0.11s

  2. It truly is sad seeing Robert wait fourteen long years without ever knowing the right answer. Six years after Robert contemplated this great wonder, the trickster Trang claimed that the wheel took 0.11s to come to a rest. Yet Trang is extraordinarily wrong. As of today, fourteen years after brave Robert posed his question, I learned from my physics class that the wheel took an incredible twenty-four seconds to come to a rest. Still, even I, the man with the answer, has no clue about the math involved in this complex equation.

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