Ivan has completed 45% of his walk. He has already walked 9 km. How much farther does he have left to walk?

I don't understand how to do this. Could you please help and show me how you got this answer? Thank you.

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  1. 45% of the total = 9

    .45(x) = 9

    divide both sides by .45

    x = 9/.45

    That will give you the total distance.

    subtract 9 from that answer to get how much farther.

  2. 45% is just about half. So, you know right off he has about 9km left to go. (This is just for a sanity check)

    So, the whole walk is 9/.45 = 20km
    20-9 = 11 km left to go

    The key idea here is figuring the total distance if you know some of it and the % that represents.

    If you want to know what to divide by what, think of something easy.

    If 9 kn were half the distance, the whole would be 18km, right?

    That is 9 / (1/2) = 9*2 = 18
    But you only have 45%, or .45
    So, divide by .45 -- you expect a number a little more than 18.

    Knowing a part and the fraction it represents, just divide the part by the fraction. Play around with some values till you feel comfortable with the idea.

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