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How Would You Describe a Dead Skunk?

A skunked skunk.


What kind of answers do you have for the ones you have correct?



21 answers

  1. i do not know

  2. not living, gone foreeva

  3. nope

  4. black, white, and usually bloddy

  5. black, white, and usually blody

  6. some of the letters are o s k d e a s d n t

  7. the answer is extinct

  8. mine was from my math teacher, he is always givig us dum brain teaser-activity's to practice what we're studying, for us the worksheet was about finding the hypotenuse of a triangle, though there might be many answers ours was: EXTICT, as in,it "used" to stink but now it doesn't! I is the past tense version on stink, it is a funny/silly play on words! Hope that helped!!! ~MK~

  9. i need help on length of the hypothenuse of each rigth angle

  10. a2+b2=da hypotenusee

  11. Noone cares...He's DEAD!!!!

  12. You formulas for right triangles are


    a + b are the numbers in the problem that show. Ex, Joe threw a tennis ball to Sam, the ball flew 10 ft and Sam caught it at 12 ft

    a= 12 ft b= 10 ft

    so the problem will be:

    you multiply the number by itself by the exponent

    12(2)= 12x12=144
    10(2)= 10x10=100


    add, 144+100=244
    find the square root.

    answer= 15.6

    (you find the square root by pressing the square root symbol a caculator, usually looks like a check-mark sign)

    (original answer is 15.62049935181331 but round to the nearest tenth to get a shorter answer, 15.6)

    Hope this helps!

  13. im stuck on the same thing its a 15 space sentence and the letters i have are e d y o u t h e n r s p l g a r a

  14. extinct

  15. im also on the same thing do you have the answer please i need to know i don't get it

  16. <3 u toooooo ;)<3

  17. Don't be a pigeon just shut up.

  18. Yo mama

  19. exticit

  20. Out of odor

  21. exstinkt

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