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What Relation Is a Doorstep to a Doormat?

Both are stepped on.


You didn't put any parameters on this and I think its a great answer.

How bout the relation being a stepson (steps on)

I got astearther....

No wait it's A Step Farther

eh....?? w/e

I need to know what the answer is for more it it thani

a step farther was the answer for mine after the math equations taking out all other letters in the puzzle.
but have had others that were
both are steped on
both have a door

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  1. Its my math homework tonight and i got TERUPFARTHER

  2. if a man arrives into town on a friday and stays 3 days how can he leave on a friday

  3. his horse is named friday

  4. Astepfarther kinda like A STEP FATHER, get it? cheesey, yeah but that's the answer..=)

  5. Heyy! Im Kinza. Im hot.

  6. A step farther

  7. more to it then meets the eye

  8. i like cheese... a step farther is the codebtw i like gum...

  9. astepfarther

  10. ASTEPFARTER is what i got. it doesn't make sense but since everyone is saying that it must be correct <:(

  11. oh wait i get it

  12. What relation is a Doorstep to a Doormat

  13. I had got A Step Farther the sheet with the Pythagorean Thereom

  14. What happened to the extra E

  15. I got your mom seriously tho I got astepfarther

  16. Had this problem on math homework tonight if you looked up the answer like I did then it’s ASTEPFATHER so I expect a prize tomorrow also if anybody visits this page in 3 years then hello

  17. hi david

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