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I have to write a paper for english, i keep getting bad grades and i use the paper rater sight always to make sure i do my best. it shows i get a 95 and my teacher gives me 30-20 points less and i don't under stand what im doing wrong. i need help on my next paper which is research/argumenative, for or against, and my topic is energy drinks and mixing them with alcohol. Please i really need help because i usually do really good with writing; i have wrote a lot since i was in 5th grade and i wrote my first paper. any help i would greatly appreciate

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  1. The first think you need to do is sit down with your teacher and a paper s/he has already graded. Ask directly what you're doing wrong.

    You have several errors in your post above, including capitalization, a misspelled word, and an incorrect verb form.

    Have you researched your topic? What is your thesis statement?

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