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Hello, I posted this question awhile back but now that I got the answer from my advisor I need help I don't know where to look I went to factfinder for the answer and can't find it. I need to write a first person fictional journal entry of a subordinate group and I chose vietnamese americans and then describe any consequences or reation situations the group faced but I have to make it like I was part of the group. Thanks, clark

Since you chose Vietnamese-Americans as your subordinate group, I assume you know something about this group.

First, you'll have to choose the location of your fictional person. Does s/he live in a Vietnamese community in a large city -- or does s/he live in a small city where s/he is one of the few Vietnamese people there? How old is this person? Do his parents speak Vietnamese? Is language a problem? Does he live in an area that has Vietnamese gangs?

I know several Vietnamese-Americans. Most of them are children who were adopted as infants by American families and do not live in Vietnamese communities. These children are well-accepted by their peers. The only conflict (and that's minor) is that some other children think they're Chinese -- and don't know anything about Vietnam.

I know a Vietnamese couple who emigrated many years ago as boat people. They have built a successful furniture repairing/refinishing business in a small midwestern city. They've had to struggle with language -- but have been well-accepted because of their superior skills.

My other Vietnamese-American friend is 14-years-old and has lived here only a few years. He's ambitious, wants to excel in school, and works very hard to do so.

Choose your locale, age, and background of your fictional character. Then write your journal account based on that information.

This article may also be useful.

For the fictional person I make up a person or just keep saying I in my journal entry I am lost, what you gave me helps alot though. Thanks

The ideas Ms. Sue and PsyDAG gave you are marvelous. You have lots of good information to use now.

If you are instructed to write from the first-person point of view (as if the fictional character is telling the story), yes, you use "I" and all its forms (me, my, etc.).


In addition to the excellent information given by Ms. Sue, I have one more thing that might be helpful.

You might learn more, if you choose a person similar in age, gender and social situation to yourself. In considering the day-to-day hassles you have, how would these be influenced by being a Vietnamese American? Of course, you would still have to decide if you are living with an American family or a Vietnamese one.

How would this affect your being accepted into a group of friends, dating, getting a job, dealing with your parents and family? Would your interests differ? If so, how?

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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