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Which of the following would be coded within the HCPCS Level II series code range of A4206-A8004?

A. Ambulance ride to an emergency department.
B. Artifical Kidney machine
c. Commode chair
d. Sterile needle

HCPCS Level II drugs are listed mainly in which of the following coding sections?]
a. A codes
b. F codes
c. J codes
d. Q codes

HCPCS Level II modifiers may be used with
a. Level I or Level II HCPCS codes.
b. Level I, II, or III HCPCS codes
c. CPT codes only.
d. CPT and ICD-9-CM procedure codes.

Services like transportation and wheelchairs are reported under
a. ICD-9-CM
b. CPT
c. HCPCS Level I codes
d. HCPCS Level II E codes

An ambulance picks up a patient at her sister's house. Which of the following is the correct modifier for this type of service?
a. -H
b. -P
c. -R
d. -RH

The code A4642 is classified under which of the following categories?
a. drug
b. supply
c. ambulance service
d. durable medical equipment

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1 answer

  1. 1. d
    2. a
    3. c
    4. c
    5. c
    6. c
    7. c
    8. b
    9. a
    10. b

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