What are the ways to protect the Kailashanth temple and what is the need to preserve and protect it. Also what were the materials used to build it?

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Yahoo! Answers - legend on kailashnath temple of mahabalipuram,sanchi and materials used to build?

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legend of kailashnath temple

some three hundered years of great expirements carried out by difrent faiths with their very diffrent konography and stuctural compulsions.
i hope u get it plz send physical environment of kailasnath temple thank u

Who built Kailashnath Temple,Its Features,Materialused, Stories and Legends associated,Way and need to protect Kailashnath.

The world famous Kailashnath temple is a marvellous example of Rashtrakuta architecture. The Kailashnath temple at Ellora, near Aurangabad in Maharashtra was built by Krishna I (757-783 A.D.) of the Rashtrakuta dynasty. It is a rock-cut temple and has four parts- the body of the temple, the entrance gate, the Nandi shrine and a group of five shrines surrounding the courtyard.The main body of the temple occupies a parallelogram, 45 metres by 33 metres, with sections of its sites projecting at intervals. It stands on a high plinth which is carved with sculptures of elephants and lions. The larger halls of the temples are decorated with images of Brahmanical Gods. The tower of the temple is in three diminishing tiers and is crowned by a cupola. The whole tower is 28.5 metres high. The gateway of the temple is double storeyed. On either side of the shrine of Nandi are two columns each having a Trishul, the ensigns of Shiva. Each of these columns is 15.6 metres high. Historians consider these temples as one of the architectural marvels of the world.The Kailasha temples resemble the Chalukya temples at Pattadakal but it is far more refined in its design than the temples at Pattadakal. It was considered to be the model for all the temples in South India. The temple has many sculptural designs depicting events from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. There is a scene in a relief of Ravana trying to shake Mount Kailasha and Shiva pressing Ravana into the cavern of the mountain with his feet.The special features of the temple are: 1.

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