(1) Why is x+2 from 2x?

(2)Use the distributive property to remove the parentheses in each expression. Then simplify by combining like terms.
My answer: Is this answer correct
7(TIMES) 4W + 7 (TIMES)-3-25
7 (TIMES)4W -21-25

(1) To understand why x+2 is not equal to 2x, we need to remember how to combine like terms. In this case, x and 2 are not like terms, so they cannot be combined.

When you have a variable, such as x, it represents an unknown value. So, x+2 means you take the value of x and add 2 to it. For example, if x is equal to 3, then x+2 would be 3+2, which equals 5.

On the other hand, 2x means you multiply the value of x by 2. Using the same example, if x is equal to 3, then 2x would be 2 times 3, which equals 6.

Therefore, x+2 and 2x are not the same expressions. The first one represents adding 2 to the value of x, while the second one represents multiplying the value of x by 2.

(2) Let's simplify the expression 7(4W-3)-25 using the distributive property and combining like terms.

Original problem: 7(4W-3)-25

To remove the parentheses, we distribute the 7 to both terms inside the parentheses:

7 * 4W = 28W
7 * (-3) = -21

Now our expression becomes:
28W - 21 - 25

Next, we simplify by combining like terms:

Combine the constant terms -21 and -25:

-21 - 25 = -46

Finally, the simplified expression is:

28W - 46

So, your answer should be 28W - 46, not 3W - 21.