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Do you know of a good website that can help me with word problems? I want to be able to type in the word problem, get an answer with an explanation of the problem and they got the answer.


The Internet is wonderful -- but it doesn't do our thinking for us.

You're going to have to use the best computer -- your brain -- to solve word problems!

If you post your word problem here, and tell us how you think it can be solved, we'll be glad to help y9u.

I think that is wishful thinking. There are several real sharp math gurus here. Post your question, and I think someone will pick it up. Ask to have a bit of the work shown. Also you might browse the following specific title search I did for you to get some very good pointers.

How many mililitres is in 1.3 litres? A think that you woud times the 1.3 by 1000 but am ot sure!

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