Assume that three blocks portrayed below move on a frictionless surface and that a 42 N force acts on the 3.0 kg block. Determine (a) the acecleration given the system, (b) the tension inthe cord connecting the 3.0kg and the 1.0 kg blocks, and (c) the force exerted by the 1.0kg block on the 2.0kg block.

The 1 kg box has the 2 kg box right next to it on the right side and the cord is attached between the 1kg box and the 3 kg box which is over to the right.

So far I got the acceleration to be 7.0 m/s^2 but I can't get a tension. How do I go about getting it?

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  1. a.7m/s
    c.14n toward the light

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