If you lost your ability to feel (your sense of touch) would to still be able to survive even if you had your eyesight?

Personally, I think so. I think we would be able to adjust. I hope I'm never put to the test.

This happens to diabetics and people with Leprosy. They are trained to do V.S.E.~Visual Self Examination, so they can detect any damage before it gets infected.

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8 months ago

If you were to lose your ability to feel or sense touch, it would definitely create challenges in everyday life. However, with your eyesight intact, you would still be able to perceive the world visually and rely on your other senses such as hearing and smell to gather information about your surroundings.

Surviving without the sense of touch would require adaptations and strategies to ensure your well-being. As you mentioned, individuals with conditions like diabetes or leprosy, which can diminish or eliminate the sense of touch, are trained to perform visual self-examinations (V.S.E.). This involves visually inspecting their bodies for any injuries or abnormalities that they may not be able to feel. By carefully monitoring their skin and extremities, they can detect any damage or signs of infection before it becomes a serious issue.

In addition to V.S.E., other precautions can be taken to ensure your safety and survival without the sense of touch. For example, you could utilize assistive technologies such as adaptive clothing or tools designed specifically for visually impaired individuals. It would also be important to regularly check the temperature of objects and surfaces you come into contact with to avoid burns or other injuries. Developing alternative methods of communication and interaction with others would also be beneficial.

Adapting to a life without touch would undoubtedly be challenging, but with the right strategies and support, it is possible to lead a fulfilling and independent life.

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