ok the question is Describe how you would help a friend who needs to simplify the expression 4x to the fourth power over 2x to the fifth power plz help thanks

Act like one of the teachers in here, explain with words and step by step examples. As in: " first, you take the numbers and functions from the sentance and convert them into math symbols"...

It isn't clear from your description if the 4 is raised to the fourth power and the 2 is raised to the fifth power or just the X raised to those powers. I will assume just the X is raised to those powers as I show below. If it is something different, I think you will understand what to do.
Divide 4 by 2 to obtain 2. Move the X in the numerator to the denominator.
Now combine the X terms.

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8 months ago

To help your friend simplify the expression (4x^4) / (2x^5), here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Identify the numbers and variables in the expression: 4, 2, x^4, and x^5.

2. Start by dividing the coefficient 4 by the coefficient 2, which gives you 2 as the result.

3. Next, simplify the variable terms. Since both terms have the variable x, we need to subtract the exponents of the variable.

- The numerator has x^4, and the denominator has x^5. Subtracting the exponents, we get x^(4-5) = x^-1.

4. Now combine the results obtained in steps 2 and 3.

- The coefficient 2 remains as 2.

- The variable x with the exponent of -1 can be written as 1/x.

Putting it all together, we have 2 / (x^(-1)), which simplifies to 2/x.

Therefore, the simplified expression is 2/x.

Remember to double-check if the exponents or any other details in the problem are different, as this may require adjustment in the calculation steps.

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