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Figure 22-21 shows two square arrays of charged particles. The squares with edges of 2d and d are centered at point P and are misaligned. The particles are separated by either d or d/2 along the perimeters of the squares.
What is the magnitude of the net electric field at P? (Note: The symbol used in the subscript of ε0 is a zero, not an "O".)?

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  1. Net electric field due to all charges exept the charges at the midpoints of vertical sides of the large square is zero. These two charges gives:
    E=(1/4πε₀)•(2q)/(d/2)² - (1/4πε₀)•(q)/(d/2)²= (1/4πε₀)•(q)/(d/2)² (directed to the left)

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