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I have alot of questions here but you don't have to answer them all but please help me!They are due on 24/6/05.

The male of mare?
The citizens of Paris,Netherlands,New Zealand or Malta?
The collection name for cattle,wolves,lions,elephants or whales?
What animal make a sound of cackle?
What animal make the sound
of a roar?
What is the plural for mongoose,ox,valley or mouse?

Please try to answer at least one of them if you can!
Sandy 22/6/05

You should be able to find the answers to all these yourself at

See Drwls's response for many of them. If you are still stuck on the others after checking at these two websites above, please re-post.


Thank you for it.but I don't think I found the answer to my questions.Please don't tell me the answer now that it is 23/06/05 already.
But thanks anyway.

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1 answer

  1. list two ways that artists use sketchbooks

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