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A bus makes a trip according to the position-time graph shown in the drawing. What is the average velocity (magnitude and direction) of the bus during (a) segment A, (b) segment B, and (c) segment C? Express your answers in km/h

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1 answer

  1. Average speed = x2-x1 /( t2-t1)
    Asuming this is the problem

    the problem its divided in three parts. For segment A
    A=10-40/1.5-0 ( its 10-40 because its moving downward)
    AvgSpeed of segment A =-20 km/h

    Avg for segment B
    Avg speed of segmente B= 10km/h

    Avg for C
    Avg speed of segment C=40Km/h

    The negative in segment A, means its moving downward...

    hope it helps you... :)

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