I was told that Joan Baez was in the musical style of Rock in the 1960s, but I thought it was folk music, can someone clarify please?

Isn't playing one time through the chords of a song a verse?

You will find in this site that Joan Baez had quite a number of different styles during her career.

Songs are usually divided into 1) verse and 2) chorus. The verse part tells the story and the chorus then is repeated.


Joan was folk music, or pop, with a touch of Rock...how much of a touch is arguable. Her three octave range could do almost anything.

She has a sister who sings and writes, and a cousin who is a famous mathematician. Her dad is a rather famous physicist, who gained some standing with Joan when he refused to join on the Manhattan Project. Joan never forgot those times. If you ever have an xray of soft tissue, he is the gent who invented it. I met him once, and haven't forgotten, nor have I forgotten his pet dogs.

Joan is the famous one in the family, although the family itself is rather remarkable, most of them are still living the the San Francisco Bay area.

If you haven't heard her voice, try this:

Cantique De Noel at
(cursor to the bottom)

listen to Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5

It is difficult to classify Joan Baez as a singer.

Thanks for the information.

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Joan Baez is primarily known as a folk singer, with her music often associated with the folk music revival of the 1960s. However, it is true that she incorporated elements of rock music into her style, especially later in her career.

To clarify the definition of a verse in a song, it is typically a section of a song that tells the story or provides the main lyrical content. It is usually followed by a chorus, which is a repeated section that often contains the main theme or hook of the song. However, the structure of songs can vary, and not all songs strictly adhere to this verse-chorus structure.

If you want more specific information about Joan Baez and her musical styles, you can visit websites like bluebeat.com or Wikipedia, where you can find detailed information about her career and the different genres she explored.

Additionally, if you would like to listen to some of Joan Baez's songs to get a better sense of her music, you can check out websites like Amazon or CD Universe, where you can find her albums and songs to listen to.

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