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Write the equation of a vertical line passing through the point (8,-4).

Graph x=8 and see if that is what you want.

I don't understand?!What do you mean?

Do you know how to draw a graph? Plot
X=8, y=0
x=8, y=2
x=8, y=4

and see what kind of a line you get.
That is the line for x=8.

I know but it says an

The equation is x=8.
And if you will graph it as I directed you will see it is a vertical line passing through x=8 and any value of y you choose.

I did graph it as you told me...I always listen to my jk
So the equation is just x=8?

Yes, x=8. Didn't you get a vertical line through x=8 and y=-4?

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