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What causes young people to abandon school?

My opinion. You need to obtain other opinions. I think many young people are tired of school after 12 years of it from first grade through the end of high school. And with so many families with both parents working there is preschool and kindergarden on top of that. In addition, many teenagers are beginning to mature, they seek independence and that means living away from their parents. That takes money and most can't work a full time job and go to school, too. So they opt to drop out in order to keep their job and continue earning money. They either get married or are already married and that puts even more pressure to keep the job to keep money for the family. I often hear students say they dropped out of school because they were or . My experience is that few teenagers are intellectually or . Their priorities simply are some other place in time and they work themselves into a corner. Soon they have too many responsibilities and are getting "too old" to think they want to make the sacrificies required for more education. And in this equation, somewhere must be factored the possibility that the home life is not very pleasant; either abusive parents or not much parental control at all, and that tends to exacerbate the tendency to leave home and abandon school. I hope this gives you some food for thought.

I'll play a game with you. I'll tell you one reason why and then you tell me one. OK, I'll go first.

Reason # 1:
Can't get along with people (conflicts with teachers and fellow students)

Please see the following site for your clue:

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