How does Biff’s habitual stealing reflect his upbringing?

To understand how Biff's habitual stealing reflects his upbringing, we need to analyze the events and circumstances in his life that may have influenced his behavior. Exploring these aspects can provide insights into why Biff developed such a habit.

1. Family Environment: Biff's upbringing emphasized material success and validation through his father, Willy Loman. Willy's infidelity and dishonest business practices could have shaped Biff's understanding of success and morality. Growing up in an environment where deceit and cheating were normalized could have impacted Biff's values and morals, leading him to believe that stealing is an acceptable way to achieve success.

2. Role Model: Biff idolizes his father but eventually discovers his father's extramarital affair. This revelation shatters his perception of Willy as a role model and undermines the value system he was taught. The disappointment and disillusionment Biff experiences may lead to a lack of guidance and a misguided sense of right and wrong, potentially contributing to his inclination towards stealing.

3. Lack of Accountability: Biff's parents, particularly Willy, often enable his behavior and rarely hold him accountable for his actions. They overlook his stealing, making Biff believe that he can get away with his actions without facing consequences. This lack of accountability can reinforce his behavior and perpetuate his stealing habit.

4. Emotional Struggles: Biff's unfulfilled dreams of becoming a successful athlete contribute to his feelings of inadequacy and failure. These unresolved emotional struggles can manifest as a desire for quick and easy gains, leading to engaging in theft as a means of compensating for his perceived shortcomings.

Overall, Biff's habitual stealing reflects his upbringing as it is strongly influenced by the family environment, lack of proper role models, lack of accountability, and emotional struggles. By analyzing these factors, we can gain a deeper understanding of why Biff resorts to stealing as a coping mechanism and how they connect to his upbringing.