A voltaic cell is constructed with an Ag/Ag+ half-cell and a Pb/Pb2+ half-cell. Measurement shows that thesilver electrode is positive.

-Write balanced half-reactions and the overall spontaneous reaction.

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  1. Pb ==> Pb^2+ + 2e
    2Ag^+ + 2e ==> 2Ag
    Pb + 2Ag^+ ==> Pb^2+ + 2Ag
    Pb is -; Ag is +

  2. redox eq
    Ag^+(aq)+e^- >>> Ag(s)
    Oxidation Eq
    Pb(s) >>> Pb^2+(aq)+2e^-
    2Ag^+(aq)+Pb(s) >>> Pb^2+(aq)+2Ag(s)

  3. yes

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