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The pendulum bobs in the figure are made of soft clay so that they stick together after impact. The mass of bob B is 14 times that of bob A. Bob B is initially at rest. If bob A is released from a height h above its lowest point, what is the maximum height attained by bobs A and B after the collision?

I also don't have any clue about this one! Please help, thanks.

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3 answers
  1. Here's two or three clues.

    For the velocity of A just before impact (Va), use conservation of energy.

    g*h = (1/2)*Va^2

    For the velocity of and b stuck together after impact (Vfinal) , use conservation of momentum. (It is not an elastic collision)
    Ma*Va = Vfinal*(Ma + Mb)
    = 15*Ma*Vfinal

    Once you get Vfinal, use conservation of energy again to get the height that they rise together.

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  2. Thanks!

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  3. Thank you Drwls :)

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