Solve the following system of inequalities by graphing.

5x - 4y ≥ -20
3x - 2y ≤ -8
y ≥ -3

I need help, like a website or steps on how to do this. I don't get it, at all.

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  1. Graph each inequality as if it were a line like 5x - 4y≥-20 becomes y =5/4 x +5 crosses the y axis at 5 and has a slope of 5/4. Put (0,0) in the inequality y≤5/4x +5 if the inequality is true shade the side of the line that has (0,0) on it. Do the same for the remaining inequalities. For y≥-3 shade above the horizontal line where y = -3.

  2. Okay, thanks. I think i get it

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