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In Fig. 11-35, a solid brass ball of mass m will roll smoothly along a loop-the-loop track when released from rest along the straight section. The circular loop has radius R, and the ball has radius r << R. (a) What is h if the ball is on the verge of leaving the track when it reaches the top of the loop? (b) If the ball is released at height h = 6R, what is the magnitude of the horizontal force component acting on the ball at point Q? State your answers in terms of the given variables, using g where applicable.

Figure: i.imgur. com/ WvU4V.gif
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  1. first, at the top of the loop, centripetal force <= mg

    centriptal force= m v^2/R where v= wR
    = m w^2 * R

    but rolling energy + Kinetic energy+ potential energy at the top has to be = mgh

    so work that out to find h. For I of the solid ball, I= 2/5 mr^2

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