Craig wants to buy some software for his computer. The company that makes the software sells it to a software distributor for $30. The distributor adds 15% to the price and then sells it to the store. The store adds 25% on top of the price they pay for it to result in their regular price. But the day that Craig goes to the store, there is a sale of 25% off the regular price. How much does Craig pay for the software?

A) $25.88
B) $34.50
C) $36.75
D) $32.34


manufacturer's selling price =
30+(30*.15)= 34.50
stores selling price =
34.50+(34.50*25) = 43.13 which I rounded to 43.12.

Now take 25% of the stores normal selling price and subtract from 43.12 to obtain Craig's price.

I need help on my math questions, can someone help me??

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