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The graph of the equation y=4-x consists of all the points in the coordinate plane that satisfy the equation. List 5 points that satisfy y= 4-x. Also, what do you think is the minimum number of points you need to plot in order to draw the graph of y=4-x. Please explain

Set y=0 and solve for x
set y = 1 and solve for x
set y = 2 and solve for x
set y = 3 and solve for x
set y = 4 and solve for x
Then graph the points. What kind of a line do you get?
Rearrange the the equation from y = 4-x to y = -x + 4
The general equation for a straight line is y = mx + b. Doesn't this look like the equation you have? How many points does it take to make a stright line.

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