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1. The value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction

H2CO3(aq) + energy ƒnƒnH2O(l) + CO2(g)

can be changed by introducing a change to which component of the equation?

This relates to the Le Chatelier principle.

Keq (the constant itself) changes only with temperature. Which component could you change that would change the temperature?

Probably the side the energy is on. So I would put the energy on the other side. Would that be right?

no. Adding energy in th form of heat or taking heat away in the form of cooling it will change the termperature and that will change Keq. You can't just move the energy from one side to the other without some justification because it's already set and the equation tells us that the reaction is endothermic; i.e., it requires energy to make it do what the equation says it does. I hope this helps. From your answer I don't think you have a good understanding of Le Chatelier's Principle; therefore, I recommend that you reread that section of your text and/or notes (or both) and work some of the problems at the end of the chapter. By all means look at the solved problems (examples) in the text. After doing that, repost with specific questions that you don't understand and perhaps we can help you work through those questions.

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